Hijacking the mind — Value building through Brand Positioning

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Regardless of the efforts or characteristics which you showcase for your products or services, your ‘Brand’ defines the reputation you gain. When you think of ‘Thumbs Up’, it’s not just a black coloured soft drink that comes to your mind, but a feeling of thrill apart from Salman Khan.

How do you decide what the best baby product is out of the substitutes? You’ll probably go with ‘Johnson’s baby’, but why not Himalaya’s baby care range? When you hear Johnson’s Baby, what comes to your mind isn’t just a soap but a baby, who isn’t crying even when the soapy liquid is getting into his eyes, that is because they have captured an image of care, safety, and purity. And probably that’s why you won’t go with Himalaya’s baby care range even when you use its products comparatively more.

So what differentiates a product from its competitors? How to be chocolate in this vanilla crowd? The actual question should not just be about differentiation, but how we want the audience to perceive us.

Also, what we may want our audience to perceive and what our audience perceives are two different things, namely ‘brand identity’ and ‘brand image’ respectively. Brand identity and brand image must sync with each other for effective marketing.

Apple and Samsung might be equally famous, but why one is considered more sophisticated and slick than the other? It all depends on the image they depict. Be it any sector or domain, from manufacturing to services, to creative arts, or social activities, it all comes down to the image. That ‘image’ is what your brand is defining from the perspective of your audience.

Branding doesn’t only involve multiplying followers but portraying yourself in the right direction and attracting the relevant potential followers. One might be offering the best quality, but the wrong direction would make its value zero.

When coming to building an identity, it doesn’t happen by telling the audience I’m the best. You may advertise with a tag line thousands of times, but nobody remembers Nokia as ‘Connecting People’ anymore. The astonishing factor is that from your content to the colour of your website’s background, each aspect speaks for itself, making it not a layman’s job. As the fast-moving world with the Millennials and upcoming Gen-Z is forgetting retail stores, it’s essential to maintain your identity through the digital universe. The approach should be just right with the optimum strategy to ensure a meaningful presence for the audience and to maintain engagement with the co-existing followers. Check the message you want to convey, and if your company can deliver that in the true sense. After all, the ‘first impression’ plays a significant role while deciding the engagement of the followers currently, and in future. In case of a new standing, the appropriate image will provide a kick-start to your domain of service. Don’t just consider the quality but give the audience an impactful interaction, and let your followers grab a chocolate scoop.

Branding is the identity, and as mentioned before, your ‘reputation’ that is not decided by your words but how others perceive you.

Yellow reflects optimism, while red says urgency. What are you reflecting?




Writer | Artist | Marketer

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Akshita Lomsh

Akshita Lomsh

Writer | Artist | Marketer

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